3 Jun 2013

Top Notch Monday

Today was another Coach Martin Monday. I was off today and after the disppointment of not getting a ticket for the Queens of the Stone Age gig at Rough Trade east I needed something to bring me back to awesome. I had booked myself into both Martin's classes at BOOM! Cycle so I had 45 + 60 minutes of tough, road cyling inspired, spinning to get through.

The first class consisted of 4 above threshold intervals and then a 10 minute climb, working from aerobic to anaerobic over 10 minutes. After the 10 minute break between the classes it was the 60 minute class, based on three hills - the 10 minute extended warm up hill, the medium hard second 10 minute climb and then finally a tough 20 minute hill where we worked in intervals of 30secs under and over threshold then 1 minute under/over threshold, varying between standing and sitting for the different intervals. My legs felt great throughout the sessions and during the last 20 minute climb I felt like I could push myself hard without loading my legs with too much lactic acid.

So what did/do I love so much about these class(es)? I love how the class is structured, with a clear aim for each class - to become a better athlete. It's not just 'pedal as fast as you can' or 'put on as much resistance as you an' but a focus on the correlation between cadence and resistance, getting the most out of what you put in. It's disciplined and no nonsense, Martin tells you it's going to be tough so accept it and give it your all - if you want to be comfortable, stay in the sofa.

Finally today I will recommend the following:

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