5 Jun 2013

Excuses Excuses

This morning I tried getting out of my morning run using all the excuses above. It was early, it was cold, my legs hurt after yesterday's Body Pump session and I did stay up too late last night but I decided that they were all moot points. I had to get up and shower anyway if I wanted to take the tube, it was cold but I'd feel warmer once I started to run, my legs would feel after a run and it was too late to change the fact that I'd stayed up late the night before.

So off I went, at what felt like a very leisurely pace. I stably regretted my choice of clothes (short shorts and a t-shirt...) as the wind was pretty cruel but it did wake me up. My legs felt like lead and there was no excess energy in my body but I just decided to think of it as a slow recovery run.

I reached the hospital 57 minutes after I started, having covered 10.1k, and happy that I hadn't succumbed to one of the above excuses. It wasn't a great run, but at least I did run. The only workout you regret is the one that didn't happen!

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