18 Jun 2013

Go Hard Or Go Home

Today's been an intense day at Playitas. Rob had us up at 7.30am for an hour of Military Fitness before breakfast, and it was bloody brilliant! I've done some bootcamp before but this was just on another level, in everything from the exercises we did to the coaching we got. My two favourite parts were firstly when we were doing decline pushups on the beach, easing a little bit more into the sea for every set we did, only to be comepletely soaked  during the last. My second favourite part was when we were doing hill sprints up a trail on a mountain - so hard, yet so rewarding!
After breakfast we had a bricktraining session, starting with a 15 minute biking session where we were meant to push ourselves at roughly 80% of maximum heartrate. We then got off the bike and did a timed 4k run on the seafront, to then head back to the bikes for another 15 minute session before finishing off with a second 4k tempo run. I pushed myself well on the runs, partly thanks to Coach Mark giving me updates on the time and then sprinting the last 500 metres with me on both runs!
With lunch taken care off, and some pool time done, we headed to the gym for almost an hour of essential core sessions with Mark that had us all sweating, panting and working hard. My body now feels pretty mushy, having been worked out thoroughly - what a great feeling! The only downside with these Ozone Fit guys being all awesome is that I'm getting very spoilt and I'm not particularly looking forward to go back to London and not have their support and coaching.....
A brick session with a view 

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