3 Jun 2013

Current Favourites

There are two recurring themes in my life - I'm constantly washing my workout clothes and I'm constantly in a hurry. My latest bid in buying myself more time is using the Nivea In-Shower Moisturiser. Instead of faffing around with body lotion or body butter after you've stepped out of the shower, you apply the in-shower moisturiser after you've washed, rinse it off, then you dry off and voila! You're done! It leaves your skin soft without sticking to your clothes as normal body lotion does when you don't have time to wait for it to be absorbed....

My second solution to my life problems in Halo Sports Wash. You know that particular smell that lycra can get after some time?! The clothes smell alright just after washing but when you start sweating a little bit of odour appears?! Lycra is problematic as you can't wash it in very high temperatures without the elasticity disappearing but Halo Sports Wash removes the bacteria in the clothing that make them smell even in low temperatues. So far I've used it 3-4 and I am very happy with the result, as the odour-phobic I am.

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