21 Jun 2013

Power Zone

The boys at OzoneFit have created a functional training class, a kind of cross fit inspired circuit class. On Thursday we started our day taking on this admittedly very tough class. After a thorough warm up we were introduced to the first five exercises, with heavy focus on correct technique (something I can't praise enough!). The first exercise was box jumps, the second high pulls with kettle bells, the third the plank, the fourth was bicep curls plus overhead press with a sandbag, the fifth was the plank and the sicth and last exercise was squatting down, lifting up a heavy ball high over your head to then slam it down to the ground as hard as we could.
We worked for 30 seconds and rested for 30 seconds, working as hard as we could. This was repeated until we'd gone the full circle of exercises a few times Before changing some of the exercises and then continuing with our intervals. It was a tough, full body, workout, using functional exercises to really blast those muscles and get your heart rate up high - in short, right up my alley!

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