8 Jun 2013

Quality vs Quantity.

Yesterday I went to Barry's Bootcamp before work where instructor Olly worked us hard. Alternating between the treadmill and the floor/weights he had us doing burpees, hill sprints, push ups, bicep curls, overhead squats, tempo runs, mountain climbers, sprints with the Woodway treadmills in dynamic mode (allowing the treadmill to run non-motorized) and more. It was a tough and thorough, high quality, hour-long session.

Today I went to BOOM! Cycle for Coach Mark's turbo cycle class and the hills, time trials and speedwork.I'd earlier this morning done Roo's fantastic Body Pump at Baker Street and my legs felt a bit sore already and Coach Mark smashed them to pieces with his hardcore cycle session. I think I'm a pretty fit person, until halfway into a Coach Mark class, when my heart is about to get dislodged from my chest and my legs are made of nothing but lactic acid.

Both Barry's Bootcamp and BOOM! Cycle charges around £15-20 per class and several times I've heard people's gasping in horror when I tell them this. They can't seem to wrap their heads around why anyone would pay that 'much' for an exercise class, while I'm of the opposite opinion - I'd rather pay a bit more money for a top quality class, where the people attending are there to work hard and the actual place is top notch than having the cheapest gym membership out there and not getting the quality gym time I want. If I chose to give my hard earned money to a gym, I want it to be good and if I chose to hit the gym at 6am I want to know it'll be worth it. Good quality classes also give you more bang for your buck, it's as easy as that!

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