2 Mar 2013

The Big Smoothie Experiment

Now this isn't the way my doctor would want me to do things ('Less stress Ms Eriksson!') but breakfast time needs to slim down. I am a big fan of a long, slow, breakfast but when I hit the gym before work I sometimes run into some time trouble (i.e. there's not enough time). This has led me to re-think breakfast strategy and the new strategy might involve smoothies.

Today I performed the first Big Smoothie Experiment. After some previous research it has emerged that some people out oats in their smoothies to make them more filling and people also add some protein powder. My smoothie today had skimmed milk, some blueberry/strawberry flavored yoghurt, some frozen blueberries and strawberries, a banana, a small scoop of oats and a scoop of pea protein. It looked pretty delicious. It tasted pretty rank, hence rendering the first Big Smoothie Experiment a failure. I think the problem was too much pea protein, and that overpowered all other flavours. But fear not! I will not let this little failure defeat me! Tomorrow I will try again, and conquer The Big Smoothie Experiment.

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