9 Mar 2013

Favourite London Running Haunts Pt 3

My beloved Victoria Park. Victoria Park also goes by the nickname The People's Park and I think that's a very fitting name. It's not filled with tourists like Hyde Park, instead it's used by the locals - there are football and cricket matches being played, runners and cyclists training, familes and couples strolling....not to mention it houses festivals and concerts at summertime.

If you run around the outer roads of the park you run roughly 4.5 kilometres per lap, which is a decent amount for an inner London park. There are paved roads all through the park but there are also gravel paths and some impromptu paths created from people running on the grass.

If running along Regent's Canal, another favourite London Running Haunt, you can tick off both Victoria Park and Regent's Park and get yourself a long distance run. Anyone up for that?

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