8 Mar 2013

Happiness Is a Run In The Rain!

You know how I was talking yesterday about how it's alright to fail sometimes? This morning I had that as a mantra, after I'd ditched a planned interval (or tempo) run this morning before work. I didn't get home from work until 9.45pm last night, and didn't get into bed until 11pm, so I prioritized sleep this morning and re-scheduled my interval run to a distance run home from work. As a slave under planning I did feel a bit, well, guilty about it....the voices in my head were saying things like 'a tempo run substituted by a distance run?! Will that help you to run a sub 4h marathon again, Josefine?!'. What with the pouring rain, my rubbish lunch, a sleep deprived induced headache and proper stiff glutes from yesterday's Body Pump session and you have a recipe for a rubbish run. Or so I thought...

It turned out to be a great run! The legs were proper bouncy, I breathed easy despite keeping a high-ish pace and when I was almost home I decided to swing by Victoria Park, hence adding on 5k to my run. The park was pretty empty and I found myself enjoying every step of the rainy run, loving how little effort it took to keep the pace and marvelling over how amazing running is. After a rubbish week at work I felt all the stress leave me and despite tiring myself out with running I felt more energized than I'd done for days.

Today, in the middle of wallowing in self-pity over my missed morningrun, I ran 15.2 kilometres at 5.16min/k pace. Longer than a morning interval run would have been. Possibly quicker than a morning tempo run would have been. All in all just a bit better than anything I would've done at 6am this morning, and you know what - no one can keep wallowing when you do a great run and the endorphines are flowing through your veins!

No Friday run is complete without some top tunes, and the theme song to tonight's run was this classic. Happy Friday, people!


  1. Låter som att du fick till en härlig löpptur!!

    Tack för dina tips om längre spinnpass! Vilken lyx att ditt gym ofta har längre pass! :)

    1. Det är världens lyx! De har också många pass med bara tio minuters mellanrum så man kan fixa till sina egna långpass på cykeln :)