29 Oct 2013

Swain's Lane Conquered!

In north London  you can find the (in)famous Swain's Lane, feared by cyclists and runners alike. This neat little lane has got a maximum gradient of a whopping 18%, is around 1.2k long and if you climb it 24 times you will have climbed the equivalent of Mont Ventoux!

Yesterday my colleague Debbie and I did our inaugural post work hill interval run. Having met up at The Flask (who I much recommend at this time of year for their lovely mulled cider!) we walked to Swain's Lane and started off our run with a warm up run down the hill. I had earlier done a gruelling bootcamp session with Shane the Slavedriver at Barry's Bootcamp and felt pretty spent even on the first run down, but running with a slightly less fit friend hid that fact. We didn't go fast, letting Debbie set the pace, but we did keep going the entire time. No walking, no stopping. Three times in a row I talked Debbie up the hill, setting the bar high for coming hill climbs in London's best lane.

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