26 Oct 2013


I'm well into my second week of my second month-long Barry's Bootcamp stint and I'm loving it. There have been plenty of times when I've thought about writing how Shane, in three months, have made me go from a top sprint speed of 10.5mph to running no less than four 12.5mph sprints in the same session. Or Sandy's hustle runs. Or Anya's crazy hard full body workouts. Or Olly making my sprint up a 10% incline at 11.5mph. But I haven't and that's partly because I've been busy changing jobs and partly because however happy and proud of my achievements I've been I've not really felt like I could do them justice in writing - '...and then I turned my treadmill up to 11.5mph and sprinted up that incline. It was hard but I made it!'. Yeah, I know, not exactly riveting reading.

Then yesterday I went to Faisal's class, Faisal who is a bundle of endless energy, encouragement and PMA - positive mental attitude. Before hitting bootcamp I was feeling a little bit 'meh' as I like to call it - you know that feeling when you can't be bothered with much and there's a slightly blue tint to your mood - but during the Friday 7 minute mile challenge (run a mile as fast as you can, aim to get under 7 minutes) something changed. Faisal was talking us through this mentally quite challenging run and basically infusing us with positive mental attitude, making us believe that we not only could but would and that no one could stop us from taking what we wanted on the treadmill in specific and in life in general.
I walked out of the gym feeling a little bit invincible, confidence boosted by my accomplishments in Barry's red room of pain (I did the mile in 6 minutes and 40 seconds and with relative ease) but also boosted by Faisal's positive mental attitude affirmations. Now, I know we can't solve all the worlds problem with only a positive mental attitude but I think that a more positive mental attitude could change most peoples' lives. I suggest you try it, it's free and with very few side effects....

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