2 Oct 2013

Nailed it!

With only a few days to my first ultra marathon I'm just doing the odd training session this week. I want fresh legs for Sunday but I still want to be a bit active so I've settled for a few Barry's Bootcamp classes and yesterday it was leg and butt day. Now, I've got pretty strong legs but when it comes to any kind of plyometric work I'm rubbish. Well, at least until yesterday....

Shane at Barry's had us working pretty hard, doing everything from plain ole squats to various jumps - including tuck jumps.... Normally that's one of my big weaknesses, as I seem to be very attached to earth - I just can't gain any height in my jumps! Shane set us off jumping yesterday, stressing how we should focus on the jump, not the little bounce inbetween, and to pull our feet up against our chest when airborne and voila! All of a sudden I was doing actual, good quality, tuck jumps. Instead of rushing them I took a few seconds longer and focused on exploding, landing softly and then re-chargw before doing the next jump. It was with almost childish pleasure I watched myself jump higher than the fit guy next to me and I left the studio almost as happy with myself as the first time when I hit 12.5mph sprinting speed.

So what's the moral of this story? Just because you've not been able to do something in the past doesn't mean that you will never be able to do it. Work hard, stay focused and never give up.

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