14 Jul 2013

Keep the Fun Between Your Legs

Yesterday the BOOM! Cycle ladies team went out for their first (and only?!) training ride ahead of the Ride London relay race....and it was a scorcher! The thermometer showed 20c when I got up at 7am and apparently it was 32c midday, phew!

I met one of the girls at Whitechapel at 8.30am to ride to Richmond Park where we were meeting the rest of the team. It was an easy 11 miles but we got the route slightly wrong so we didn't get to the park that long before the rest. When the team was assembled, four girls and Robert from BOOM, we set off to try and do the route of the race. I won't bore you with a detailed description of every mile (it ended up being 95 of them in total!) but I will say that we had plenty of water stops, we worked hard both on our bikes and our cycle tans and that the climb up to Box Hill rewards you with the most magnificent view. 

After arriving back at Richmond it was only Nadine and myself that were making our way back to east London, tired but happy. En route we'd enjoyed the sun, seen everything quintessentially English at summertime and built some confidence on our bikes. Come on team, let's do this!
On top of Box Hill
Eric and friends kept me going throughout the day

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