22 Jul 2013

Go Hard Or Go Home

As some of you might know I'm doing the Ride London relay race, and it's fast approaching! At the moment I'm home in Sweden, in the tiny village where I grew up, with no chance to do any spin classes or to take my road bike for a spin. So, what to do? The options are not to cycle anything or to get on my mum's old hybrid. Option one isn't really an option so hey, mum's old hybrid it is!

This morning it was pretty cold and windy but at least the sun was out. I wont bore you with telling you about all the long stretches of flat road with relentless head wind or desciptions about how bloody heavy and slow that old bike is but I will tell you one thing - those 31k I did this morning were almost harder than the 150k I did with BOOM! Cycle team the other Saturday. I managed to ride at an average speed of 27k/hour, which I am very happy with, considering how hard work riding that bike is. Using that old bike will probably work to my advantage, as when I get on my darling road bike again it'll feel like a walk in the park.

It might have been a tiresome ride, but the views made it worth it!

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