31 Dec 2012

2012, the year I bought love.

In October I bought the love of my life (see above), and became a 'real' cyclist....and who said you can't buy love?! The story behind me buying the bike is me starting spin cycling at BOOM! Cycle in Shoreditch as a complement to my running. Some of the instructors there are road cyclists/triathletes/all around bad ass athletes and not only do they whip you into shape - they make it fun too! After I got injured a month or so before my marathon in May and had to rely heavily on spinning for cardio training as I couldn't run I started thinking about taking cycling outdoors. After some thinking - and saving - I bought my TREK Lexa SLX. Since then I've cycled to Windsor with the BOOM! crew, done the north London loop with my friend Debbie and drastically cut my commuter costs. Oh, and now I LOVE cycling!

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