30 Dec 2012

I love going to the gym in December, because it's almost empty. People are you buying Christmas presents and going to Christmas parties but come January they all come running back to work off all of that Christmas food and booze. The 'good' news is that they're all gone my April. A lot of people seem to look at training (and nutrition) as something you do in short cycles, short-term and goal orientated - beach body 2013, wedding and so on but the naked truth is as it says on the picture above. If we want to get lasting results, lasting good health and lasting fitness we're going to have to work hard regularly and for a long time. People were shocked when my older sister and I went for a run on Christmas day and the reaction varied from 'how did you have time' to 'isn't that a bit obssessive' but the truth is....an hour's run is only 4%of yur day and a good habit isn't an obssession - it's a way of living. For me running on Christmas day, with my older sister who lives in a different country than me, is a treat and a source of happiness. Plus, I am quite happy to have exercise as an 'addiction' - beats being addicted to cocaine, eh!

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