4 Apr 2013

If Your Head Is Stupid, Your Body Will Suffer.

That's a straight translation from a Swedish saying and I don't know if there's an English version. The moral of the story is that if you act foolishly, you'll suffer. After having been home from work yesterday, resting, I was going to work today and since it's my routine to go to Body Pump before work on Tuesdays and Thursday I made my way to the gym bright and early. Bad decision. Bad, bad, decision. It wasn't a rubbish session, even if I took it easy after holiday and illness, but I didn't feel all that great after....achey in general, snotty, coughy and headachey. Work was hard and I, more than once, wished that I hadn't gone neither to the gym nor to work. Luckily enough I got to go home early and I'm now tucked up in th sofa watching 'The Big Bang Theory'.

But on the plus side I got to try (most) of the new release, Body Pump 85. So what did I make of it?! Since it was a 45 minute class we today only did biceps and triceps but I quite liked what we did. The best parts were the chest track (although that cover version of Muse's Uprising hurt badly in an old Muse fan's soul), the back track brought back the push press which I like and the tricep track had a bit of everything to make it burn (un)pleasantly. I didn't care for the abs track at all, I like to have some planks in the track. I'm now looking forward to try the lunge track (even if I in general don't like the new lunge tracks as they have too little lunges and too much squatting and jumping....) and the shoulder track. The leg and bicep track was perfectly adequate and the warm up was nice. Thumbs up, for the Body Pump 85!

I might think that the new Muse record is absolute cack, but this will always be one of my favourite songs.

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