24 Feb 2013

Sunday Boot Camp

CrossFit inspired Boot Camp. Burpees. Push Ups. Box Jumps. Sprints. Coach Karl guided/pushed us through a tough and intense but varied session, and despite it being blistering cold it felt great to be outdoors. Great to have some lactic acid flowing through my muscles, to taste blood and to have someone encourage you to give that little bit extra. Coack K kept tweaking our technique - reminding us to engage our core muscles, keep our posture, push our hips forward when sprinting and not rush through any of the exercises (even when we did them on time).

After the boot camp ended I ran home from Southwark but despite running across Tower Bridge home, which I absolutely love, I didn't really enjoy my run. I felt cold and had a strong head wind the whole way. Running wise it was alright, but I can't say it was pleasurable or memorable.

Training wise this week has been a bit so and so.  Mediocre. One of those weeks that you aren't really happy with but are oh so important in your marathon training.

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