8 Feb 2013

Review: Craft Performance Thermal Tights

I have a pair of running tights from Swedish brand Craft that are just to die for. The fit, the breathability, the fabric etc are just perfect but a few years have passed since I bought them and I have forgotten the name of the model, which is rubbish when you want to buy another pair. After having spent an unknown amount of hours googling words such as 'craft', 'running tights', 'no zipper leg' with no success I took to Twitter. Craft contacted me and tried to help me find out the name of my mystery tights - with no luck. While they might not have been able to help me with the mystery tights they instead sent me a spanking new pair of tights, to test and review! The tights they sent me were the Craft Performance Thermal Tights  - and here's what I thought about them:

On first inspection the thing that striked me the most is how soft the fabric is. Soft and fairly thin, but without feeling flimsy, and when putting them on they create a kind of 'second skin' feeling,  like being naked only warmer and less embarassing. Every movement feels unrestricted, and that's a major plus for someone who normally doesn't like thermal tights as they often are to 'clumsy' and restrictive. Furthermore they are very warm, despite not being very thick, yet they still have great breathability.
When it comes to the fit, I can't fault them. I'm quite picky with my tights and have given a fair few tights away to friends and family because the fit doesn't feel quite right. A major plus with the fit is the length of the legs, as I often struggle to find tights that are long enough despite not being particularly tall (174cm), and also that the elasticity in the waist isn't too hard.
As for the details I especially like that the backpocket is on one side and not in the middle and that the zipper on the bottom of the leg only expands the leg, instead of opening it up completely. I'm not a massive fan on zippers, but when done like this they don't bother me.
To summarize...I love them! Craft has gotten the three F's right - Fit, Fabric and Functionality!

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