7 Feb 2013

Pick Yourself Up!

This morning I dragged myself to the gym for my Thursday morning body pump session, after a lousy 4.5 hours sleep and being knackered from yesterday's 14 hour shift (oh the joys of working in operating theatres..), very reluctantly. It was cold, it was raining and I had to make myself a massive cup of to-go-coffee to bring on the tube as I was just too tired even to cycle! As I stumbled into the gym I wished I had stayed in bed and maybe that'd been for the best, but after having had a rest da yesterday I was roaring to get going again, and the morning was the only time I had to exercise. Now, it wasn't a catastrophically bad session, it just wasn't very good one. On the plus side was an added 2.5 kg on both the squat and the lunge track, on the minus side was a badly executed chest track and very tired shoulders during the shoulder track. Oh well, there's now only one thing to do - in the words of famous Swedish cross-country skiier Per Elofsson: Det är bara att bryta ihop, och komma igen! (translation: there's nothing to do but have a big meltdown and then bounce back)

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