19 Jan 2013

Challenging Your Limits

I do most of my running alone, but I'm also quite an avid group trainer. I am also very picky when it comes to instructors, I give them an hour of my life and I will give my all - and I want them to do the same!  There's nothing less inspiring than being at a class with an instructor who a) isn't very good at instructing and b) doesn't push/encourage the participants to do their best. There's no wonder that so many people go year in and year out to various classes with absolutely no results to talk about, when there are so many mediocre istructors out there. But, that said, there are also some pretty great ones out there that will help you do what it says on the picture above....they will help you challenge and redefine you limits.

Today I went to two classes with fantastic instructors. Both ladies were encouraging, knowledgable, inspiring and created a positive energy in the studio. Not only did they both made me give my all - and a little bit more - they also explained how, why and what I would gain from it. I walked out of the studio quite drained physically but with a massive mental boost. Tomorrow my swim practice starts again and I can't wait, as my swim coach is another fantastic instructor.


  1. Jag älskar inspirationstavlorna som finns lite överallt i USA :) Jag tänkte börja med grupptränings snart, för det kan ju vara väldigt motiverande med rätt instruktör!

    1. Verkligen! Och så kan man ju alltid träffa likasinnade - idag var jag ute och sprang med en tjej som jag träffat på ett gruppträningspass :)