13 Jan 2013

10 Miles Along the River Lea

Long slow distance in London. Obviously I must be running in the city, with loads of cars, pollution, bikes and the worst of all - tourists!??!

Actually...no. I am lucky enough to be living not far from the River Lea, leading up past Hackney marshes towards Waltham Abbey woods. Sure, there are a other people around (quite a few on a Sunday) but you'll see cows! Cows! As someone who's grown up in the middle of nowhere in the north of Sweden just seeing fields and animals is abig boost to morale.

But how was the actual run?! It was delightful, my legs felt light, my breathing was easy and completely unstrained. This week is the second week on my marathon training and I'm glad to say that I feel a lot fitter and stronger than I did last year at this stage of my marathon training.

And I do still think it's pretty rad to run past the Olympic Park. /nerd

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