17 Sept 2013

Running Really Is Cheaper Than Therapy

You could say it's exhausting running a marathon. As someone who's run several marathons I can confirm it is, but I can also say that there is nothing as exhausting than those few moments when there's a collective intake of breath as everyone realises that depending on what happens in the next few moments someone might live or die. Those few moments fills you with more adrenaline that anything I've ever experienced and pretty much ages you 10 years. As some of you may know I'm a nurse by profession, and without saying anyhing confidential I can say that sometimes I encounter emergencies. Full blown, life or death, kind of emergencies that make you realise how fragile and previous life really is. Yesterday was one of those days and I ended up staing a full 18 hours at work so when I finally got to bed around 3.30am I was exhausted yet twitchy from adrenaline. Around 11am I woke up, feeling more hungover than after a night of drinking, to a grey and cold London. I had, before yesterday, planned to do thousand and one things today but when I woke up today there was only one thing I wanted to do. I wanted to run.

By the time I'd had breakfast and gotten dressed it had started to raining, and not a Little light drizzle either - no it was proper pelting down. A part of me wanted to climb back into bed and pull the duvet over my head but logically I knew that I needed to get outside and do some running therapy. After the initial few miles when the rain annoyed me slightly I was soaked and had started to enjoy it. For every step a little bit of my worries seemed to slip away, alongside the remaining adrenaline. If you asked me what I was thinking I wouldn't know, all I know is that it was more cleansing than any therpahy session. Life, death, love and happiness seemed to make more sense than after two hours than before so whilst I was soaked and frozen solid post-run I was also more content and calm.

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  1. I liked reading this.

    This is why i ride my bike. Not that i have life and death close to hand every day but i like having that solitary, sometimes thoughtless, time.

    Kudos to you, for what you do. I take my hat off to you and i hope you continue to find solace in your running.